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GWEILO QIN GR - Grīdas Lampa


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Parachilna - Spanish Designer interior Lighting

Gweilo QIN GR by Parachilna - A draping lamp

''Why can’t light pool, drip, or drape?” asks Alex Josephson, cofounder of Toronto based design studio Partisans. Parachilna Gweilo QIN GR, a floor lamp with a sculptural form that folds and bends like light rays themselves, is an answer to this question.

Parachilna Gweilo QIN GR Floor Lamp is handmade in Barcelona, Spain, the thermoforming process takes an etched optical-grade acrylic sheet and produces the signature folds and curves while it is molten and still pliable. A metal strip containing an embedded LED is then affixed vertically to the cooled transparent sheet’s edge to diffuse the light across the etchings, amplifying the illumination. Available in a variety of sizes, Parachilna's Gweilo readily functions as a room accent, divider or simply a wondrous focal point.

The Gweilo from Parachilna is equal parts light, equal parts art. The design of the Gweilo looks almost impossible, the light travels through the fabric like material, acting as both the diffuser and source of light. The acrylic sheet has been carefully folded into an intricate shape that looks chaotic, but organized and solid at the same time.

The Gweilo is available in multiple other configurations: HAN PE, as a Table Lamp, and as a pendant Zhou GR


Augstums: 150 cm
Diametrs: 85 cm
Vada Garums: 200 cm

Tehniskā informācija:

14W LED, 3000k, 1348lm

Though based in Barcelona, Parachilna’s origins actually stretch all the way to its namesake, a desert ghost town in Australia. A random stop there years ago inspired Alfredo Valero and Roman Riera to eventually create a luxury lighting company dedicated to enduring craftsmanship, aided by European metalsmiths, glass blowers, ceramicists and other skilled artisans.

Collaborating with such notable modern designers as Jaime Hayon and Neri & Hu, partner Alfredo explains Parachilna’s purposeful process. “We don’t use industrial techniques,” he says. “Everything revolves craftsmanship, which means that there is a lot of work, from prototyping to finishing. When we say, ‘We don’t like it,’ we start all over again.”

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GWEILO QIN GR - Grīdas Lampa