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Grīdas Stāvlampas

Stāvlampas ir lieliska iespēja cilvēkiem, kuri vēlas pamainīt mājokļa apgaismojumu ar minimālu piepūli. Labi novietota stāvlampa var izgaismot jūsu telpu tādā veidā, kādā jūs nevarējāt pat iedomāties, un var radīt sajūtu kā ir pilnīgi jauna telpa ar jauniem gaismas leņķiem un ģeometriju. Pievienojiet telpai vajadzīgo kontrastu un izmainiet atmosfēru vai vēl vairāk uzlabojiet un izrādiet savu jau perfekti izstrādāto interjera dizainu.


PLUS - Grīdas Lampa


Led reading lamp in Marble and pressed glass. Foot dimmer included. Dimmable LED. Orientable reading lamp. Design Olivier Desbordes.

HALO HORIZON - Stāvlampa

€1.525,00 €1.375,00

Halo Edition Horizon Floor Lamp - A piece of atmosphere Halo Horizon is the first piece of the Landscape collection. It takes us back to a specific moment in which,...

HALO EVO 2 - Stāvlampa

€1.370,00 €1.235,00

Halo Edition EVO 2 Floor Lamp - The sun never sets The original Halo Evo 2 from Mandalaki studio is a color projector made of anodized aluminum carved from a...

SALAMANCA - Stāvlampa


The Salamanca Floor Lamp by It’s About RoMi is a simple yet iconic design, with modern style and class. It has a traditional appearance which makes it a great choice...

ANWAR - Stāvlampa

€3.504,00 €4.668,00

Parachilna's Anwar from noted designer Stephen Burks is a luxuriously appointed lamp composed by nearly 100 steel rods welded one by one. The Anwar by Parachilna is an artisanal lamp...

AUSTERE - Grīdas Lampa

€830,00 €1.085,00

Trizo21 Austere Floor lamp - One line, no frills ‘Austere’ can mean sleek, linear and/or stripped of excess, as well slender and tranquil just like an ethereal silhouette. It can’t...

LINK - Grīdas Lampa


LZF Link Floor Lamp - THE BILLOWY LIGHT Designed by Ray Power, the LZF Link Floor Lamp appears exceptionally dashing in its stacked wood veneer Möbius strips. In mathematics, the...

OSLO - Grīdas Lampa

€479,00 €559,00

Set the mood for style with Oslo Wood, a trendy floor lamp with a tripod base and multi-directional shade. The shade rotates around a gimbal fastened to the top of...

HIPATIA - Galda Lampa


a-emotional light Hipatia Table Lamp - Portable beauty The Hipatia portable LED lamp, designed by a-emotional light, pays tribute to the Greek Neoplatonic philosopher and teacher, Hipatia, who made groundbreaking...

HALO LINE - Stāvlampa

€1.965,00 €2.450,00

Halo Edition Line Floor Lamp - a new light Halo Line is a monolith of glass and aluminum carved from a solid plate. Its sophisticated linear optic and light diffuser...

BALUNA - Stāvlampa


Grupa Baluna Floor Lamp - a striking fixture combining Scandinavian minimalism with the Industrial look Every segment of Baluna has passed through the hands of Grupa's master craftsmanship, who shaped...

BOLS - Stāvlampa

€1.038,00 €1.325,00

Light and fresh, the Bols Floor Lamp from Estiluz. The Bols is a design floor lamp manufactured by Estiluz. Ideal for any space: Estiluz's Bols fits in offices, hotels, restaurants...

GWEILO QIN GR - Grīdas Lampa


Gweilo QIN GR by Parachilna - A draping lamp ''Why can’t light pool, drip, or drape?” asks Alex Josephson, cofounder of Toronto based design studio Partisans. Parachilna Gweilo QIN GR,...

LIGHTO P - Stāvlampa


Parachilna's Lighto from noted designer-artist Jaime Hayon is a luxuriously appointed floor model from his characteristically slender lamp family. The Lighto by Parachilna is composed of a solid metal and...

HILOW LINE - Grīdas Lampa

€1.105,00 €1.242,00

Panzeri Hilow Line Floor Lamp - A sleek, fitting lamp. From the success of Panzeri's Hilow, the new Panzeri Hilow Line Floor Lamp represents the founding principle of the system...

2THIRTY 2 - Grīdas Lampa


The ‘2Thirty Floor’ by Trizo21 is a design with a nod to the 1970s, with the technology of the future. A unique feature of the ‘2Thirty Floor’: each light source...

BALANCER - Grīdas lampa


Balancer is a showstopper in both function and form. Expertly crafted in black, powder-coated steel, this floor lamp offers a stunning combination of light, geometry and style. Formed by clean,...

BOW - Stāvlampa


101 Copenhagen's Bow Floor Lamp: A Harmonious Blend of Form and Light Echoing the graceful curves of a bow, 101 Copenhagen's Bow Floor Lamp masterfully fuses LED technology with artistic...

ERA - Galda Lampa


Arturo Alvarez's a-emotional Era Table Lamp: Embrace Timeless Craftsmanship in Lighting Welcome to the world of expressive lighting with the a-emotional Era Table Lamp, a thoughtfully crafted design by Arturo...

BLOSSOM - Galda Lampa


Experience Delicate Illumination with the a-emotional Blossom Table Lamp by Teresa Sapey + Partners Introducing the asymmetrical lighting delight, the a-emotional Blossom Table Lamp, a compelling piece from the creative...

SMELLY FANT - Stāvlampa


Majestic Illumination: Smelly Fant Floor Lamp by LZF Introduce handmade lighting into your spaces with the delightful Smelly Fant Floor Lamp by LZF. Standing over 1.5 meters tall, this life-size...

WALKING FISH - Stāvlampa

€27.035,00 €27.034,00

Delightful Illumination: Walking Fish Floor Lamp by LZF Experience the 2 charm of novelty lighting with the endearing Walking Fish Floor Lamp by LZF. This life-size light sculpture, designed by...

LATINA A672 - Stāvlampa


Immerse in Countryside Charm with the Ferroluce Latina A672 Outdoor Floor Lamp Step into the world of countryside charm with the Ferroluce Latina A672 Outdoor Floor Lamp. This remarkable outdoor...

L'AQUILA C200-2 - Stāvlampa


Hand-Painted Ceramic Floor Lamp: Ferroluce L'Aquila C200-2 Elevate your space with the "ceramic elegance" of the Ferroluce L'Aquila C200-2 Floor Lamp. Reflecting the artistry of traditional craftsmanship, this floor lamp...

CIRC - Sienas Lampa

€720,00 €770,00

Industrial, but cozy - the CUPOLINA P-3939 - Floor Lamp by Estiluz Estiluz's Cupolina is a warm and uniform light that can fill any space with harmonious vibes and character....

MULTIPLO - Stāvlampa


Sleek and Versatile: Vesoi Multiplo Floor Lamp Introducing the stylish Vesoi Multiplo Floor Lamp, a perfect combination of elegance and versatility that will seamlessly complement any interior design. With its...

COLLINA - Stāvlampa


Add Mid-Century Modern Style to Your Space with the Eichholtz Collina Floor Lamp The Collina Floor Lamp from Eichholtz is a stylish and elegant lighting fixture that adds a touch...

RODOLPHO - Stāvlampa


Elevate Your Space with the Eichholtz Rodolpho Floor Lamp The Eichholtz Rodolpho Floor Lamp is more than just a source of light - it's a statement piece that brings elegance...

FIGARO - Stāvlampa


Ground your décor with the Eichholtz Figaro Floor Lamp The Art Deco style Floor Lamp Figaro casts an ambient glow over your lounge or bedroom décor. Featuring an antique brass...

CELINE - Stāvlampa


Discover the Surrealist-Inspired Celine Floor Lamp from Eichholtz Drawing inspiration from the surrealism of Salvador Dalí, the Celine Floor Lamp from Eichholtz is a remarkable and unique lighting piece that...

FIORI - Stāvlampa


Accentuate Your Space with the Fiori Floor Lamp from Eichholtz Bring a touch of Art Deco charm to your home with the Fiori Floor Lamp from Eichholtz. The lamp's graphic...

ETRUSCAN - Stāvlampa


Enhance Your Space with the Romantic Etruscan Floor Lamp from Eichholtz Introducing the Etruscan Floor Lamp from Eichholtz, a perfect addition to your lounge or bedroom for creating a warm...

SHADOW - Stāvlampa


Sleek Statement Piece: The Shadow Floor Lamp Introducing the Shadow Floor Lamp, a bold and sleek lighting solution that effortlessly elevates your space. This striking upright light fixture boasts a...

VERTIGO - Stāvlampa


Illuminate with Intrigue: The Vertigo Floor Lamp by Eichholtz Infuse your space with a touch of drama and elegance through the captivating Vertigo Floor Lamp by Eichholtz. Drawing inspiration from...


€3.850,00 €3.915,00

Experience Nautical Elegance with the Royal Master Sealight Floor Lamp by Eichholtz Bring the allure of the high seas into your home with the Royal Master Sealight Floor Lamp from...

ATLANTIC - Stāvlampa


Illuminate Your Space with the Elegant Atlantic Floor Lamp by Eichholtz Transform your living space with the captivating Atlantic Floor Lamp from Eichholtz, a sought-after lighting choice for luxury hotels...

TAURUS - Polāra Lampa

€420,00 €505,00

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with the Taurus Bollard Light from Belid Introducing the Taurus Bollard Light from Belid, a durable and stylish metal outdoor lighting solution designed to elevate your...

MOON - Polāra Lampa


Bring Timeless Elegance to Your Outdoor Space with the Moon Bollard Lamp from Belid Add a touch of classic charm to your outdoor area with the Moon Bollard Lamp from...

MIST - Polāra Lampa


Enhance Your Outdoor Space with the Mist Bollard Lamp from Belid Bring elegance and simplicity to your driveway or outdoor area with the Mist Bollard Lamp from Belid. Designed by...

POISE - Stāvlampa


Discover the Dynamic Poise Floor Lamp from KDLN Introducing the Poise Floor Light by KDLN, designed by Robert Dabi, a unique lighting solution that encourages interaction and curiosity. Featuring a...

Grīdas Stāvlampas

Stāvlampas ir lieliska iespēja cilvēkiem, kuri vēlas mainīt iekšējo apgaismojumu ar minimālu piepūli. Labi novietota stāvlampa izgaismo jūsu telpu tādā veidā, kādu jūs nevarējāt iedomāties, un var radīt sajūtu kā esat pilnīgi jaunā telpā pateicoties jauniem gaismas leņķiem un ģeometrijai. Pievienojiet vajadzīgo kontrastu un mainiet atmosfēru vai vēl vairāk uzlabojiet savu labi izstrādāto interjera dizainu.

Choosing the right floor lamp can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available on the market. But fear not, with a little bit of knowledge and some careful consideration, you can easily find the perfect floor lamp to suit your needs and style.

First and foremost, think about the purpose of the lamp - do you need it for task lighting or ambiance? This will determine the type of bulb and shade you should look for. Consider the size of the lamp and where it will be placed in your room. A larger lamp can make a statement, but it shouldn't overpower the space.

Look for lamps with adjustable height or swivel heads if you need versatility. Pay attention to the style of the lamp - it should complement your existing decor and reflect your personal taste. Materials like metal, wood, or glass can all add unique touches to your room.

And lastly, don't forget to factor in your budget. There are plenty of affordable options that still offer quality and style. By considering all of these factors, you can confidently choose the right floor lamp that not only enhances your space but also meets your functional and aesthetic needs.

Choosing the right spot for your floor lamp can make all the difference in creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your home.

The first step is to determine the purpose of the lamp. If you're looking to create ambient lighting, place the lamp in a corner or alcove where the light can reflect off the walls and create a warm glow throughout the room.

If you need task lighting for reading or working, position the lamp beside your favorite chair or desk. Consider the direction of the light - if you want to create a focused beam of light, choose a lamp with an adjustable head that can be angled towards your desired area. Additionally, think about the scale of the lamp in relation to the surrounding furniture. A tall lamp can add height and drama to a room, while a shorter lamp may work better in a smaller space.

By taking these factors into account, you can choose the perfect spot for your floor lamp that not only illuminates your space but also adds a touch of style and ambiance.

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