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    EASY LENS DOUBLE - Griestu Lampa


    Introducing the Easy Lens Double, the next level of lighting innovation from ANTIDARK. This version features two light sources, providing even more flexibility and control over your lighting design. With...

    EASY LENS - Spotlampa


    Introducing the Easy Lens, the latest addition to ANTIDARK's innovative lighting solutions. This powerful and versatile spotlight is designed to meet all your lighting needs. Its sleek and modern design...

    DOLIO W90 - Sienas Lampa


    Introducing the Dolio W90, the latest innovation from ANTIDARK's outdoor lighting collection. The Dolio W90 is a sleek and stylish wall light designed to transform any outdoor space into a...

    ARCA STEP - Sienas Lampa


    Introducing the Arca Step, the newest addition to ANTIDARK's lineup of outdoor lighting solutions. Designed to elevate any outdoor space, this wall light is a perfect blend of style and...

    A BLOC TWO - Griestu Lampa


    Antidark A BLOCK TWO Ceiling Light - Built for function The A BLOC TWO from ANTIDARK offers a bold and industrial aesthetic with its rugged yet refined design. This spotlight is built...

    A BLOC ONE - Griestu Lampa


    Antidark A BLOCK ONE Ceiling Light - Practical and sleek Introducing the A BLOC ONE, the newest addition to ANTIDARK's lineup of stunning spotlights. Boasting a sleek and minimalistic design,...

    GINKGO S50 - Piekaramā Lampa

    €528,00 €485,00

    Suspension lamp featuring organic forms. Direct and indirect light. Aluminium shade, available in matte brown, matte pink and matte blue finishes, both with a pearl white interior. Available in three...

    ARO - Piekaramā Lampa

    €2.552,00 €2.425,00

    Simple to espectacular, Aro offers a minimalist ring of lamps or a single strip of lamps. Aro allows you to create an ambience of beauty and dimension.

    SPOTON 1 - Spotlampa

    €54,00 €48,00

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