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Brokis Capsula Collection

Capsula Collection - Nature-Inspired Design Meets Modern Elegance

The Capsula collection by Brokis captures the essence of nature and innovation with its plant cell-inspired design. Each light features a tubular triplex-glass LED that intersects an inner shade and a translucent outer shell, producing striking 3D effects. Anchored by sleek end caps and supported by dual suspension straps that cleverly conceal the power cable, these lights offer both aesthetic elegance and practical flexibility. Available as individual pieces or in sets, Capsula allows for personalized configurations to suit any space.


    CAPSULA - Pendant Light


    Embrace Nature-InspiRed Elegance: The Capsula PC937 Pendant Light by Brokis Embark on a journey of illumination with the Capsula PC937 Pendant Light by Brokis, a masterpiece that harmonizes the intricate...

    Brokis Capsula Collection

    The Capsula collection from Brokis is a mesmerizing blend of art and science, designed to mimic the intricate structure of a plant cell or seed. Central to each light is a tubular triplex-glass LED, which runs through the core of both the inner shade and the translucent outer shell, creating a captivating 3D optical effect. This design is secured at both ends by caps that also serve as points for the innovative dual suspension straps. These straps cleverly hide the power cable and allow for adjustable positioning. Available individually or in sets, the Capsula lights can be customized to meet diverse aesthetic and spatial requirements.

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